There are times when you’re sitting there thinking about the past; thinking about the future; thinking about what it is you want from what you do. I found myself doing that very thing; but I was bored. I was bored with my past work, and what I could reap from it.

Now, I’m tired. I’m tired of the feed, the emails that go nowhere, the quotes that lead to silence, the gung-ho hustlers that want to do work, but don’t want to put any in. The hustle is fun, but it gets old. I pointed fingers and blamed it on everyone else. It’s cliche, but I finally realized I was pointing at myself.

ss_robeastblog_doom_k1. The Blogification
my previous blog and portfolio. Since 2005.

I try to build a body of work in a futile attempt to capitalize on relevance. If it’s relevant to me, then maybe it’s relevant to you, or so I thought. This is where fanbase dynamics come into play. Like every other designer, I want that fanbase. I want my pieces to resonate with them, so I cater. I cater to budget, to brief, to want for content and desire for relevance.

I’ve posted to the Blogification 1 since 2005, and a previous site 2 before that. I’ve grown as a designer, and as a blogger in general. Recently, I’ve switched roles and focus to illustration. The freedom is there, the freedom to fulfill and create fantasy unrestricted… except by brief.

Tangents aside, I’ve grabbed a new sheet of paper, a crisp, blank sheet to start fresh. This is not a reinvention of self. This is a reduction… in fluff… in noise. I want to produce pure, crisp signal. From this point, I relegate to archive and begin again.

ss_boardwalkstudio_k2. BoardwalkStudio
my first design site. 2000.


Thank you for following the Blogification for all these years and welcome to the Reduction…


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