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rbst_book_sbx1. Blastplatform : MF DOOM’s site and comics-related forum. Now offline.

It’s no secret that I’m a DOOM fan. I remember the first time hearing Operation : Doomsday. B bought a copy at Tower Records and played it in the Nissan on the way out. Fantastic Four samples, “no hooks or choruses,” Dr. Doom parody art on the cover. I was sold. I listened to that album every day for I don’t know how long. I visited BlastPlatform1 every night looking for MF DOOM related art, and even went to the extreme of papercrafting him. But, O:D’s not the topic this time; Madvillain is.

I’m  no music reviewer, so, I don’t intend to do one on the album. But, there IS one reason that supersedes all the other reasons why I love this album…

On Saturday nights, back when I had cable tv, my son and I used to stay up and watch Adult Swimthe Boondocks, in particular. A favorite episode of ours is one where Riley, Ed Wuncler III, and Gin Rummy conceive a plan to kidnap Oprah Winfrey because, “control over Oprah is control over women… and control over women is control over !@#$%*&.” The episode was titled, Let’s Nab Oprah. (Genius.) Huey (Riley’s older brother) gets wind of the plan and takes it into his own hands to stop Riley. While in pursuit of Riley, Huey has a confrontation with Oprah’s bodyguard, Bushido Brown. He’s basically Jim Kelly in animated form. With Bushido Brown being a formidable opponent, Huey enlists the power of a modified Nintendo Power Glove (dubbed the Black Power Fist) to fight him

THE SONG… used during the fight (see below) between Huey and Bushido Brown is… Madvillain : ALL CAPS.

And there it is. The #1 reason why I love Madvillain is because it reminds me of Saturday nights watching cartoons with my son.

Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for a 10 year review (though I did link to one below). But, that’s my heartfelt take on it…



The following is an excerpt from an article by munch (STMB).

Madvillainy, the first (and, to date, only “real”[1]) album released by Madvillain, a rap duo made up of prolific producer extraordinaire Madlib and mysterious weirdo MC MF Doom, was released on March 23, 2004 by Stones Throw Records. This means, of course, that it celebrated it’s 10th anniversary recently, and to almost zero fanfare at that. There was no reissue featuring unsightly, unnecessary appendage-like bonus tracks, no country-crisscrossing retrospective tour in which the entire thing was played back to front to robbed audiences, nothing whatsoever beyond the standard social media cross posts that inevitably led to Amazon affiliate links by well-meaning music websites. This is a damn shame, in some respects, but so, so right in many others, when you look at how the album is made… ~ hamishcbduncan.tumblr.com

Read it…

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