Late Night Ramble…

It’s 2:22 am. Edit: It’s 3:22 am. Never adjusted the clocks for DST.


I woke up from a 7:30 ko at 10:45 pm. That was a good amount of sleep, as I’ve been tired all day… all week. I had a nightmare that I thought was real. One part was particularly disturbing.

I had two Taco Bell soft tacos before ko. So… that…

It took place at my old house on Kelowna. My mom was there and she was posing for a picture with some visitors. Suddenly, a gang of people popped out of nowhere with SLR’s ready to shoot. She said, “I want it to be black and white.” I said, “I’m set up for that!” I rushed to get my camera and stood behind these other shooters. Auto focus wasn’t working. The motor was stuck. I tried manual. Couldn’t get it sharp. This guy reached over and tried to adjust my camera. I swatted his hand away. He tried again a few more times. I swatted again a few more times and moved. I got to a good position and tried so many times, but couldn’t get the picture. All I took was a blur.

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I wonder what they were like back then…

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So, back to waking up at 10:45. It was a good amount of sleep. I had a few hours to get in some work. But, I thought to myself, “it’s not enough time to do anything. I should probably clean up.” I looked at the stacks of cd’s on my desk, the pile of mail on my coffee table, the jackets, shirts, and pants on the floor. I can do that tomorrow after work.

Found a 2004 typography issue of Idea at Book Off the other day. I’ll read it later. Still gotta finish reading the Rockin’ Jelly Bean book. The best part about that book is the printer notes on vellum. I do prepress all day, so I geek on that stuff. But, I don’t look forward to the time wasted fixing files 8 hours a day.

Sitting here staring at the mess, building a mental list of how to block off time during the next few weeks, I thought about who else is up procrastinating like this. I have a few ideas. Don’t ask. On the flip side, who’s up working or scheming? What is it that you do late at night that you yearn to do all day, but in the absence of the daily hubbub?

I’m wide awake, but fully fatigued. Yesterday I had to go back and forth on some useless convo with someone who #forgot keep their word.

I’ll send you the invoice later. Feel free to counter, but I have all the emails archived.

Also, last weekend, we confronted bootleggers.

“Do or do not. There is no try…” ~Yoda (Jedi Master)

I followed a twitter link the other day to a list of advice from successful people. What is success, really? The list had most of the basic stuff you usually read, but the one point that stood out was, “Stop reading. Start doing.” Simple straightforward advice. I read a lot, constantly, all day between prepress tickets. I do it after work. I do it before bed. I do it at the stop light on Miramar Rd. But, that’s not the reading that advice was talking about. It was more about the constant gathering of info on how to do something instead of actually doing it. You’re in a constant state of ready, but never execute. I did that for years; and it didn’t get me anywhere; because what is knowledge without application?

At this point, I forgot what my point was going to be. Record Store Day is this weekend. Here’s my theme logo from last year.

And, here’s an appropriate video for this ramble.

I’m gonna grab a diet coke…



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