Tribute : Feliciano Aromin Doña by Rolando Manluctao

Last month I flew back home to Mililani Town, Hawaii with my brother Erik to be with my family. Tragedy struck; we lost my Uncle Boy. I was heartbroken and sad especially with this happening around the 5 year anniversary of my Mother’s passing. Not sad in my perspective, but in my families. I made this video for you, my family. Sorry if it’s shakey, I was a bit emotional and tried my best to hold it in. I love you.



I don’t know if you know, but I watched you a lot while you prepared for and made this video for Uncle. Last night, when you were doing your final review, I was standing in the kitchen and saw you crying at the screen. I wanted to take a picture, but decided to just leave it to memory. I think maybe you were in that same deep thought in this photo right before the wake. I know it was really hard to work on, but you selflessly poured yourself into it, and made something special for the family.

Mom would be proud…



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