Farewell to Props : The Layouts…



I had my first solo show on June 28th at the Fresh Yard. Here’s how we laid out the shop…


For this one, I casted all doubt aside, went for broke, took some creative jabs, and tried new things. My main pieces were done in an anime cel style. Unlike real cels, these were digitally rendered, save the initial drawing. I did try to emulate actual animation workflow for these pieces, though. Each piece consists of a 3 frame set that includes the original sketch with notation and shade instruction, the vector outline, and the final digitally colored cel, printed CMYK + White on celluloid transparency.

Printed at Emagine Digital in 5-color (CMYK + White) on 12″ x 18″ uncoated bristol…

Prints1 of each cel are available at the Fresh Yard for a limited time. See below…

Gettin’ Mad Productive…
Shout out to everyone doing their thing at coffee shops…


How Do Ma Soup Taste…
Why hasn’t this been licensed yet…?


The 30 Block…
Shout out to the In-N-Out secret menu…


Thank you, Fresh Yard, for opening your doors to me and hosting my first solo! Thanks to everyone who helped make the ridiculous possible! And, thanks to everyone who stopped by!

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#30BlockNorthParkArtNight : Man! Saturday night was just awesome. It was my first solo and we wanted to go all out. I think we did, but it was because of everyone that helped out leading up to and during the show; because of the constant status inquiries; because of the random coffee deliveries; because of the random late night pop-ins; because of the online promo; because of a tireless effort to help produce the pieces; because of the shops that extended themselves to help represent the artists. Thanks @thefreshyard @k_freshyard @liquorstoremike @primepusher @deeohz @shawboogie @djartistic @savethedramos @ldulajenkins @misterhek @djruthlessusa @emaginedigital. I really really feel like a fool whenever I post self promo stuff. But, it's necessary when you're trying to expose your work. I want to say thanks for putting up with all that. I'd like to think at least some of it is fun to look at. It's why I chose to be a graphic designer – to work on fun stuff and produce things that people can enjoy. Sometimes us creatives take ourselves way to seriously. Taking a step back and having fun with it really has to happen more often. This show was dedicated to my mom, who used to draw power lines and railroad scenes for me and my brother, who used to wrinkle and iron our fake treasure maps so they'd look legit. This show also goes out to the introverts (us shy ones) who are silently screaming inside only to find we can have a voice and can express ourselves honestly through art. In all seriousness, thank you for everything… #RBST … PS. I'm glad everyone had fun with the #CastingCouch … #FarewellToProps [X] Solo #DOEP #SOMR #HAUSU #3200s

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Check out the photos here…

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