I used to work at a cafe inside Borders with a guy named Robbie. He was always on some metaphysical/philosophical topic. One night he was talking about a book he read where the author said something like, “when you’re walking around not paying attention, what if you could note down the things that stood out to you subconsciously.”

Robbie went on to say, “what if you walked through this bookstore and without thinking about it listed the cd and book covers that stood out to you, not the things you were looking at? What if those things that you caught subconsciously, if put together, were a message?”

Interesting. I pay too much attention to pick things out subconsciously.

But, what if we simplify that and pick 5 photos out of our archives that stand out to us at that particular time?

5FLIX : Choose 5 photos from your archives…


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