Thumbprint Gallery 5 Year Anniversary… (Recap)


20140916 [02:49]

Asked the guys if they had any words to share…

20140916 [03:23]

Got a reply back.


Time really does fly when you’re havin fun!  We can’t thank everybody enough for all the support and hard work over the years. It’s actually the first time we celebrated the gallery’s anniversary so we appreciate those who were able to make it out…


…Unfortunately we couldn’t display work by as many artists as we wanted since the space is obviously limited but we’re glad many of the artists came through with a piece at such short notice.  It was great seeing everyone as they passed through (we apologize for the heat)…



…We plan to continue collaborating and partnering up with artists, old and new, and look forward to having even more fun!  

rbst_tpg_5year_2323Aside : I don’t even remember taking this one…

Thank you. 

~ Thumbprint Gallery

Sharing a beer with Dramos after the show, I had a few thoughts.

I’ve been showing with Thumbprint since 2011, and since then, have been participating in a lot of their group shows. Sometimes the schedule gets hectic, especially trying to consistently get busy after hours. Can I sleep yet? Hell no! Or, I get worked up thinking, “what am I gonna do for this one?”

But, these shows give us that something to work towards; an avenue of expression; annnd… opportunities to meet similar and completely opposite-minded people. It’s in the latter that I find the most joy because we talk about things that just don’t find their way into regular day-to-day conversation. That’s my case, anyway. 

I’ve had conversations where people say something like, “I do want to submit art. But, it feels cliquey.”

To that I say, “it might seem that way. But, I think it’s because the people who have submitted art and shown have a good time doing it; they find a way to gauge themselves and their work; and they’re excited to try to show again.”

I’m very happy to be able to show with the gang. Thanks for everything. Thanks for having us. Congratulations on 5 years. And cheers to 5 more…!


PS. Who shot ya…? ~ The 3200s

The show continues thru October 15th…

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