DJ Tanner – Janet Jackson Suite (Mixcrate POTW)


20141118 [1330]

20141118 [1646]

I asked Tanner about some of his thoughts when mixing Janet Jackson Suite (JJS)…


20141118 [1801]

I wanted to remind everyone how beautiful Janet Jackson is. She’s a pop icon, but the brilliance and beauty of her body of work is shrouded by both plastic surgery and controversy.



Anybody could slap the top 20 Janet songs together into a “mixtape”. Janet Jackson Suite dares to go deeper into her discography. I carefully selected rare versions, remixes, edits, live versions, acoustic versions, acapellas, and instrumentals of her classics as well as her overlooked cuts.

Unused CD art.
(circa 2011)


The concept for the artwork was to bring vintage Janet back to life just as I did with her music. Robeast executed my pop art/pop icon vision beautifully. ~ DJ Tanner

Brush type written for the JJS cover. (circa 2011)


Thanks, Tanner! And congrats on POTW! Designing for Janet Jackson Suite was my first chance to collaborate with Tanner. We’ve worked together many times since, and after JJS, he dropped one of the funniest project briefs (that’s another story) onto my desk. DJ Tanner represents Good Times, Love Rockers, Sharpshooterz DJs, and Battlestar Massive. 



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