Cafe Racer Concept Art…



It’s the beginning of the year, a few weeks in, but still the beginning. Around this time, I usually find it hard to get into a drawing groove. It’s probably fatigue from the holidays. Still, I want to draw, but can’t really put pencil to paper. I was driving down Kearny Villa Rd. yesterday, and thinking about Top Gun. Remember that scene when Maverick was riding his bike with an F-14 taking off in the background?

<Queue Top Gun OST>

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Think I want a motorcycle…

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I want a bike – a cafe racer that I can roll down KVR while F-14’s take off in the background. Probably won’t get one any time soon, but I can draw it (with Highway to the Dangerzone playing in the background).


TAM14109I’ve been focusing a lot on cel-style illustrations. So, my next hurdle is trying to get my digital drawings to look more airbrushed, like the art on Tamiya model boxes.

I actually like the amount of shade right here. It’s crisp, and cel-like.

rbst_caferacer_2336 rbst_caferacer_2334

Things to work on:

1. Even shading
2. Realistic highlights
3. Reduced outlines

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