Cafe Racer Silhouette…



Increasingly frustrated with how long digital pieces still take me. Because they’re digital, I want the lines to be as smooth as possible, so I obsess redoing strokes over and over. It’s maddening sometimes, especially comparing to other works I look at. I forget that there’s a quality to digital strokes that’s just… digital. So, what do you do when you reach a plateau? Back to basics, they say.

I remember a chiaroscuro project we had in class one week. One of my classmates came over. She said, “You know. I see what you’re doing, trying to redraw that building with white. Try not to draw every detail. Just draw the highlights. The black paper will take care of the rest.”

Today my PM says, “You know you wanna ride one. Careful, man. That’s a death trap. They’re squirrelly…”

#Chiaroscuro #CafeRacer #Silhouette #RBST

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The assignment was suddenly more fun, and felt a little like problem solving… picking and choosing what to render… reducing…!


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