Rendering… with Markers… Etc…



The other night I was watching some videos on hyper-realistic drawing. I like that stuff. It’s fun to try to do. There was this speed-drawing of an unwrapped TWIX. The artist employed markers, colored pencils, paint, and an airbrush. Watching that drawing come together was impressive… frustrating… motivating.

About an hour or more of chain-watching… then this…

I didn’t take the day off, but did start bringing my markers to work again. Here are some of the things I worked on last night.

In-progress drawing of my daughter. Wanted to get a jump on it, but didn’t know what to do. Currently finished. Just need to work out the collateral elements. 

rbst_bts_seventhletter_bucket_2449Also,drew my bucket cap. Because it’s jet black, there wasn’t a lot of contrast. Had to approximate the light and shade.

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And, here’s that TWIX video.

Gimme a Break…!

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