Freshman ROTC : Vince and the Squad…



I went to check out my son’s ROTC comp on Saturday. No idea where to find him and the squad, but he ran up on me when I was walking across the blacktop. I introduced myself to some of his friends I hadn’t met, and they seemed a bit stiff at that time. I try not to hang around when he’s with his friends because of this. I think it’s better to hang back and just let them do their thing. Besides – they’re in high school now. It’s a little different than chaperoning elementary and middle school field trips…

rbst_vince_rotc_3566rbst_vince_rotc_3572 rbst_vince_rotc_3574 rbst_vince_rotc_3580

Team huddle. Wish I knew what they were saying to each other.

rbst_vince_rotc_3581 rbst_vince_rotc_3602

I like this photo a lot. My composition’s horrible. And, I wish I hadn’t cut off one of the guys. But, look at them standing there – collected, and unfazed by the comp. Might Guy (Naruto) would say, “This is the fire of youth…!”


It was at this point that I heard a deep voice that I hadn’t heard before. I can’t really describe what I was feeling when I looked over and saw that it was Vince. I did one of those raised-eyebrow-to-head-nod things. Then I quickly broke out my phone…

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#MMHS #ROTC #4Man #Rifles

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#MMHS #ROTC #4Man #Rifles

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I don’t know how to judge these things. Sorry for missing the full team routine. But, you guys looked really sharp out there during the Four Man…



So, Vince. I know you don’t read my blog. It’s probably boring shit to you or something. If you do come across this post; well; I enjoy sharing these things. But, don’t get too cocky. Like your grandpa used to tell me, “You’ve still got a long way to go before you can run rings around me!” 

I kid, Vince. But, I printed out and mailed these photos to my dad. He’ll probably ask you all about it next time he calls…

Mira Mesa High School Freshman AFJROTC

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