Drink & Draw : Make That a Double…



Double Jack & Coke
Drawn at Elbow Room

I’ve only watched the first episode of Mad Men… and maybe part of the second. There’s a scene after work wherein Don Draper is at some lounge smoking, having a drink, and writing down ideas on a napkin. (Maybe that’s in every episode.) He’s working on a campaign for some cigarettes, but can’t quite figure out what direction to take it in…

His waiter comes over and they have a conversation about why he (the waiter) smokes the brand he does. I can’t remember the reason. But, Draper took what the waiter said, and molded that into his branding direction.

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That’s kind of what I imagined design life would be like – work at the office; have a few meetings; chill at a bar after work coming up with project ideas. Then… hand off my sketches to the intern in the morning… #REPEAT

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