Turn Me Up in the Headphone… What…!?



So, February. Still early in the year, and freelance has picked up a little. I’m very thankful for that.

Usually it’s a slow time, as people are still planning their business moves. I like to take this time to practice and work on fun (carefree) stuff because once it hits March, all hell usually breaks loose…

I’ve been bringing a bag of things with me to work that I wanted to draw. Right now it holds a bottle, a hat, and some headphones (spoiler alert). So, last night, I sketched said headphones. Coincidentally, I was working on a related project the day before. 

Takumi Idea International Dynamic Headphone


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Also, I’m in a little bit of disarray. Spring cleaning’s coming up, though.


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Winter was way too short this time around…


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