Late Night Ramble: Spring Forward 2015…


“Spring Forward” (DST) – not my favorite time of year. I’m a night owl, so I really enjoy the early sunsets. But, now it feels like it’s bright (super bright) all day long. And, when it’s evening, it’s suddenly late (super late). That doesn’t work for me because I like to do my thing when it’s dark. As it is, I’m pretty restless right now…

< Edit: This is my 100th post here on the Reduction…! >

Turn Me Up in the Headphone…

Early in February I wrote that “…once it hits March, all hell usually breaks loose.” Feels like it already, art-wise at least.

Art Shows

Participated in a Bruce Lee group show at Basic last Tuesday, and showed two pieces. One was the original print framed and floated. The other was a wrapped 12×18 of the print for auction. I didn’t know the date of the show until a week before, and didn’t get the show flyer for posting until two days before.

Had a talk last month about art and sale stats in general. Supposedly, art sells well during the warmer months. I think that’s probably a good gauge. Last year I started buying anime cels heavily during spring-summer, whereas I don’t usually buy any art when it gets cold…

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Auction went well…! #WATAAA…!

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It was a long two days. I ended up sleeping in the car right after drop-off until a little after start. Great turnout, though…!

SOMARAMOS first solo show on the 14th.

Good luck, C…!


Illustration crop. We changed the hair on this figure, so I felt like I could show at least that part of the drawing.

Freelance is still going strong! I’m extremely happy about that. It’s not at the “work-from-home-full-time” level. But, it’s steady, and mostly illustration based! I can’t complain. In fact, thank you, freelance gods! Here’s a sample (above) from one of the projects.


I heard back third-person re: the Pixels of Fury video I posted. AFAIK, I’ll be competing on the 27th, but want to make sure I get the official confirmation before I start running off about it.

This seems appropriate here…

Thanks, Marc!


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… #ValentinesDay

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This isn’t Orochimaru, btw…

Had a rare Saturday where no one was home. I drew for 12 hours this day.

Do not rub your chopsticks together after you break them apart…!

While I was drawing this, these two guys sitting next to me broke apart their chopsticks, started rubbing them together, and did the sharpening your knives thing with them. One of the waitresses went off on them about it the whole time I was there…!

Check out this glass, though…! LINK

Last Thursday night I wanted to draw a mountain. Looked up the Paramount logo. Quickly looked up Mt. Fuji…

I keep kicking myself for not buying Monocle #1 when it first dropped. It’s going for £150 now… LINK

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Still keeping up with the marker practice. I wanted to draw more this evening, but have this nervous energy tonite; hence the long form post.

Sunday Afternoon

And, played frisbee at sundown with the kids.

Maybe “Spring Forward” isn’t so bad…

Thanks for reading this extended ramble.

One more thing: I was joking with Vince about my crackin’ blog. He said, “Funny you say that. Video production at school reads it.”

So, SHOUTOUT to MMHS Video Production! 

Blog Honestly…



PS. Happy Birthday, Pop…!

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