BTS : 91X X-Fest 2015 Poster Submission …



X-Fest 2015 Poster Contest Submission

91X FM is currently holding a poster contest. There were 133 entries submitted by last Friday, May 8’s 11:59 pm deadline. Entrants received an email today about the top 5 being posted. This design didn’t make it. But, it was a fun contest to enter racing against the clock. At any rate, here’s my Behind the Scenes…


I always start off with a checklist – sometimes printed, but usually written out. It helps to write these things out, especially when staring at a blank sheet of paper. Gets the ball rolling…

My first thought was to draw the Sleeptrain Amphitheater and have the billing (performer list) right atop it.  It seemed too obvious at the time, and I got bored thinking about it. So, scrapped…

Could take too much time, and I’ve seen a lot of astronaut helmets floating around lately. I’ll probably revisit that idea another time.


How about an astronaut helmet with the band names written all over it? Could take too much time, and I’ve seen a lot of astronaut helmets floating around lately. I still like the helmet idea, but, would like to modify it a little.


Space is cool. But, I like the idea of rolling up to a concert on a motorcycle or scooter. Motorcycle helmet it is.

I wanted to use the artist logos, and place them as stickers on the helmet, but thought it might clutter the helmet a little too much. I went for readability and equal billing, rewriting the names in a simple handwriting style. Here’s a screenshot of the illustrator art board and some process shots of placing the artist names.


And, this was my submission, made at 11:58 pm. Finalists were posted today, so the contest is still running. Good luck to the top 5. I’m going for the “Tales from the Crypt” homage…

See all the entries here… 

Thanks for viewing this post. If you have any suggestions for my BTS (Behind the Scenes) posts or have BTS-type posts you’d like to share links to, please feel free to leave a link and/or comment below…

Materials Used:

Blick 2H Pencil
Pilot Fineliner
Momo Eraser
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Wacom Bamboo Pen

Things to work on:

1. Start sooner.

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