rbst_cat_rambleFriday night… live…?

Current Conditions (HQ): Slightly cloudy with a chance of blog post…


So, blogging’s gone by the wayside since April, I think. There are so many things I wanted to post, but “never get to.” It’s not lack of time, because, you know, I don’t really have a schedule right now. My day goes like this:


Wake up. Check emails. Send out proofs. Get coffee. Maybe get two tacos. Come back home. Answer emails. Draw. Surf the web. Sleep. Repeat.

It’s lovely. This is how I thought it would be. But, the freelance stories are true. I really love my personal sans-schedule time, yet feel the isolation creep in. That’s why it’s cool to participate in art shows here and there and occasionally get out to chat with people.

Do it. Just do it. And, drop the scowl. It only looks cool in anime. I’m now fully convinced that I had mid-level agoraphobia growing up. I did the work-in-a-cafe thing maybe once or twice since going freelance. I got over the working in public anxiety last year when I forced myself to do it 5+ hours a day for a whole week. Now, I’m looking for that place to do it again. But, Pangea’s gone, and 85°C doesn’t offer customer wi-fi.

It’s Friday evening, and I kind of don’t know what to do with myself except read and listen to some Pandora. Skating sounds good. When I was carless, I’d skate down to Elbow Room on Friday nights. I had planned to on Tuesday night after the Big Trouble show. But, it didn’t work out. Speaking of skating, went to Willy’s video release on Wednesday night. It was a really good turnout. Here’s that vid with some drone footage by my brother:

I guess to wind it up, I opened up a Periscope account. My first two broadcasts were of the kids during H’s birthday.

And, I tried a couple of live drawings of books.

The book stack drawing went well with 200+ viewers. But, I have no idea what that really means. I don’t think the retention% was very high. You can find most of this stuff on my social media.

Oh yes. I got over my FPS motion-sickness last week (tentative) with the Destiny demo. Vince says I play like he used to when he first started on COD. Well, shit. I’m a level 7 Warlock now, son…!


So, yeah – Friday night. Back to the drawing board… maybe a drink…

Things to work on:

1. No idea…!


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