That’d be a cool place to play G.I. Joe…

Current Conditions (HQ): Clean as a mofo… besides all these trees laying around…


Here’s another item on the list of things I’ve been wanting to try, but never really had the impulse to do. Two days after starting the HQ purge, I finally finally made a miniature landscape.

Felt like Daniel-san trimming bonsai right from the jump.

Trees are supposedly the easiest part of this whole landscape ordeal. Brush some glue on the branches and dip the tree into the shrubs bag. Seems simple enough. But, it’s not. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong (probably). After you pull out the tree, you’re supposed to shake off the loose “leaves.” Well, all of them are loose when you pull it out. I had to grab a handful of shrubs and hold them onto the tree while the glue set.

I was pretty excited/impatient, so I don’t really have any shots of the landscape coming together. Yellow “powder” represents flowers, but can also be used to give the trees a “sun-drenched” look (according to the instruction sheet). I think there are flowers where there shouldn’t be. But, you know, it’s a mock setting.

I added an MG Gundam RX-78 head and pilot for scale and storytelling.

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Various overhead angles.

Trying for that mock drone footage…

View of my workspace and continued planting.

You know when you have leftover paint and feel like using it up. That’s what happened here. But, I had a whole bag of extra shrubs left.

And here’s my hero shot. First landscape down and now I have the gist of it.

IMG_0908I actually did two landscapes this weekend – the second with Harley on Father’s Day. That one’s still in progress, as there’s a portion of it that takes 24 hours to set. Here’s a preview…


Things to work on:

1. Dedicated modeling area.
2. Study plant and flower placement.
3. Have a clear idea.

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