4th of July…

It was aight…

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@vincentboi … #CatchRec…?

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Current Conditions (HQ): Kids are ko…!


I get anxiety whenever a holiday comes up. Today I went to the Rec to catch Vince in the parade and stroll around with Harley at the park. Usually, I’d rather just keep it low and chill at home.

Still, today was cool. I woke up at 7:23 am to get to MIra Mesa by 8. The parade was “supposed” to start at 9, but I later found out that it was scheduled for 11:30.

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#4thofJuly… #MiraMesa

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I could’ve sworn it usually started earlier. I asked a few people, and they thought the same thing. Anyway, it gave me and Harley a chance to explore.

The Rec wasn’t as packed as I remembered. Usually, it’s harder to navigate. I’d say that there were half as many people this year. I ran into a lot of old friends – people I hadn’t seen since high school. That was cool. We talked about kids, not being back to the neighborhood in a while, and shared little bits about what we’ve been up to. Then there were some people I didn’t really care to run into. I’m sure the feeling was mutual. In passing, it’s cool. But, when you have to spend extended time listening to them posture (who cares, bro?) and posturing yourself, all you want to do is escape. Luckily, a populated outing presents that option.

So, anyway, I spent a good amount of hours there roaming around with Harley until it was time to drop her off. Then I rolled back for a few to hang out. After exhausting options, I went to the book store to have a little calm and meet up for a beer, all the while planning to return for fireworks, catch up some more, and see what Vince was up to. I gave him a sparkler from a pack I’d been saving. He later told me that him and his friends had a really hard time lighting it. Hahaha.

Nearing showtime, I asked one of his classmates how the day was and if they were going to watch the fireworks. His answer:

“Truthfully. I’m tired. I just wanna go home.”

Hahaha. Well said.

So now the ‘works are over, and I’m back home. The kids are asleep and I’m thinking about lunch with Harley.


There was this high school kid I saw hanging out at Chik-Fil-A eating a sandwich by himself. He was sitting there really taking his time just staring at it while taking small bites. It reminded me of something I used to do when I was that age – hang out close to the function while not really going to it. I mean, he looked dressed up for a day at the park, but seemed to deliberately take a long time with his meal. It kind of made me a little sad. I felt like saying, “You know, man. Just go over to the park and check it out. If you’re not into it, bounce. No big deal.”

So many times I wanted to think that way growing up. But, geez, social anxiety was no joke. And, also, maybe I was completely wrong. It did feel familiar, though.

All-in-all, it was a good day. I caught the parade for my first time; let the older one do his own thing; did park shenanigans with the young one; hung out with old friends/relatives; had some legitimate relaxation time; and caught the fireworks. It felt really carefree… I guess… like a holiday should be…

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happy 4th… #BrothersManluctao #dronelife

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