Let’s Color : Jean Grey…!

Artists, assemble…!

Current Conditions (HQ):
 Blank wall space…


Artists! All of you! Harness your creative powers… YEAH…!!!

I just finished a drawing of Jean Grey, and would love your help really finishing it. You’ll find a link below to a hi-res of the inked drawing. It’s missing a lot, mostly color. But it could use some effects, comic bubbles, background, or whatever* YOU can think of… 

* Obscene or offensive work probably won’t be reposted. 


If you’re up to it, click on the image above or the link below. Bring it into your favorite program or print it out. Then do whatever* you want to it (draw more, rearrange, color, add a masthead, etc.). When you’re done, email it to collab@robeast.com. Alternatively, you can also post it in the comments, send me a tweet (@RBSTweet), or tag me on instagram (also @RBSTweet). I’ll gather our final collaborations and repost them.



I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can come up with…


EDIT : Incoming Submissions here for the time being…

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