Harley Quinn’s Batman vs Superman Piece…

Kimchi Cosplay Gallery and Confero Art threw a kids pre-show in build up to their Batman vs Superman group show – kids 13 and younger only. I asked Harley if she wanted to participate…

Harley working on her piece on a Sunday afternoon.

I think she had fun working towards it. But, since it was for a show, she seemed a little unsure at first. Actually, I’d say indecisive. I could train her, and sometimes I give her a few pointers. But, there’ll be a lot of time for that later on. Right now the rawness is really fun without worrying about the technical.

Some more drawing into the evening.


Harley, Vince, and me at Kimchi Cosplay Gallery.

Detail shots of Harley’s piece. 

Photo Feb 28, 17 43 03
The Batman vs Superman Kids Pre-Show is on display until the 24th I think. The Batman vs Superman Group Show opens on March 26th.

Kimchi Cosplay Gallery
Confero Art

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