TPG Dragonball Z Group Show : Potential…


Inspired by Gohan’s relationship with Piccolo, this piece is titled “Potential….”

Here’s a little backstory. In Dragonball Z, Goku (Gohan’s father) always ends up dying only to be wished back after his friends summon the Eternal Dragon by collecting the 7 balls. Early in the series Goku dies leaving his young son behind while a couple of Saiyans make their way to Earth to cause damage. Piccolo, Goku’s longtime rival, trains Gohan for the upcoming fight.

I wanted to hearken back to the source material, so this drawing is ink brush over pencil sketch like the original manga.

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With Goku dead after the fight with Raditz, Piccolo takes it upon himself to train Gohan because two more Saiyans are making their way to Earth. What!? In case you're not familiar with Dragonball Z, there's a reference link in my bio. This was my piece for tonite.. "Potential…" // @thumbprintgallery 🐉DBZ: a Dragonball Z Art Show tonight at @barbasicpizza!🍕🍻🎨 7p-midnight No cover • All ages til 9pm 410 Tenth Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 #dragonballz #anime #thumbprintgallery #art #fineart #popsurrealism #painting #illustration #urbanart #lowbrow #newbrow #contemporaryart #contemporaryartcurator #artsanity #manga #artedme #sdart #sandiegoart #potential #goku #piccolo #gohan #saiyan

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A highly personal piece for me – I wonder who I’d trust to guide my kids should the end come prematurely…


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