BTS : 2016 SD City Beat Comic-Con Cover

This is the full response I sent to SD City Beat for “On the Cover.”

Madness. Anyone who’s been down to Comic-Con knows it first hand. I want you to feel the crowds, the visual overload, the fantastic claustrophobia that you get when you take a photo down there where everyone strikes a pose and tries to squeeze in…

First comp out. Quick and gestural to give an overall idea.



It’s a wonderful experience unlike anything else because all of the dreams and stories congregate in one place without inhibition. Do you know what it’s like to find a place where you can unleash your inner self, meet like-minded people, not be judged, and just celebrate the Strange? CC is so beautiful it chokes me up to think about it. It really is a special time and it should never leave SD. 

This is what I sent out as a rough comp. Would you be sold on something like this? Probably not. To give an idea of what the finished would look like, I also sent out coloring samples and other work.  


Fans of entertainment come in all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, so I tried to be as inclusive as possible. No one gets left out if I can help it. And, since cosplay is king during SDCC, most everyone in this piece is a fan in costume.

The general proposal was out for approval. But, it was really vague, so I had to flesh out more of what I was trying to do.


I started out with a rough pencil sketch to work out the crowd and framing.

I sent this out as a full pencil comprehensive.


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Shhh… #SneakPeek

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Then, I tightened up the linework again in pencil.

Coloring and effects were all Photoshop. So analog to digital for this illustration.

You can visit my site at and find me on Instagram and Twitter at @RBSTweet.

I actually cried when I got this text from my brother. I just couldn’t believe it.

BTW, I submitted art for the SDCC guide book. Won’t know if it made it in until I get my hands on a copy! Look inside it for Plastic Man by RBST… 

B hit me up and said we should do a signing at WTF Wednesdays. I was like, “Come on, man…” to which he replied, “F*#$ it, E. Let’s do it.”

Thanks for letting me “cover” the party. It’s a fanboy dream that finally came true…

This is my treatment for the San Diego City Beat masthead. I had big shoes to fill and had to step up game designing for SOMARAMOS. 

Shout out to SD City Beat and your fantastic art director.

Shout out to the fans of this annual craze. Shout out to our secret identities screaming to be set free.

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Shout out to my daughter, Harley Quinn (that’s her real name). 

And, Happy Birthday to my son, Vince…!

This is my teaser vid for the collaboration.

I love you, San Diego! Spider-sense is tingling. See you at the ‘Con…


Dreams really do come true. This past week has been nothing short of dope-as-f*&#! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart…



Read the full Comic-Con issue of San Diego City Beat here. –>


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