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Artists, assemble…!

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 Blank wall space…


Artists! All of you! Harness your creative powers… YEAH…!!!

I just finished a drawing of Jean Grey, and would love your help really finishing it. You’ll find a link below to a hi-res of the inked drawing. It’s missing a lot, mostly color. But it could use some effects, comic bubbles, background, or whatever* YOU can think of… 
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On rainy days I like to stay home and draw. Sometimes the kids get into it, and we draw/color together. Today was a rainy day, so I did a lot of drawing. Here’s something that might be fun to do. Color in the letter A above. The image links to a hi-res 8.5″ x 11″ that you can download and print.

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If you want to share yours, please do in the comments…!