This is the full response I sent to SD City Beat for “On the Cover.”

Madness. Anyone who’s been down to Comic-Con knows it first hand. I want you to feel the crowds, the visual overload, the fantastic claustrophobia that you get when you take a photo down there where everyone strikes a pose and tries to squeeze in…

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X-Fest 2015 Poster Contest Submission

91X FM is currently holding a poster contest. There were 133 entries submitted by last Friday, May 8’s 11:59 pm deadline. Entrants received an email today about the top 5 being posted. This design didn’t make it. But, it was a fun contest to enter racing against the clock. At any rate, here’s my Behind the Scenes…

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I had a few problems with my site last month, like getting flagged for malware, no ftp access, domain transferring. So, if you noticed, recently lead directly to this blog. I like diving right into content. But, I miss having a landing page. Maybe it’s because I read a lot of magazines and like looking at covers.

Well, the homepage is back up with a splash image, quick summary of posts, and… yes… current SD weather. Link to my twitter and instagram are up left. And, the menu’s more condensed. I’m thinking of adding an anime or design link feed. But, we’ll see. 

It’s gonna get weird here for a bit while I try to get all H8X0R. As always, thanks for reading…


PS. Fate Stay/Night is back…