Artists, assemble…!

Current Conditions (HQ):
 Blank wall space…


Artists! All of you! Harness your creative powers… YEAH…!!!

I just finished a drawing of Jean Grey, and would love your help really finishing it. You’ll find a link below to a hi-res of the inked drawing. It’s missing a lot, mostly color. But it could use some effects, comic bubbles, background, or whatever* YOU can think of… 
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rbst_cat_rambleFriday night… live…?

Current Conditions (HQ): Slightly cloudy with a chance of blog post…


So, blogging’s gone by the wayside since April, I think. There are so many things I wanted to post, but “never get to.” It’s not lack of time, because, you know, I don’t really have a schedule right now. My day goes like this: Read More



X-Fest 2015 Poster Contest Submission

91X FM is currently holding a poster contest. There were 133 entries submitted by last Friday, May 8’s 11:59 pm deadline. Entrants received an email today about the top 5 being posted. This design didn’t make it. But, it was a fun contest to enter racing against the clock. At any rate, here’s my Behind the Scenes…

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“Catch Feelings”

Urban Dictionary’s current top definition is about falling for someone at an inappropriate time. Well, it’s Valentines day this Saturday. But, that’s not what this is about. The phrase also applies to thinking something like a comment or conversation applies to (or is about) you in a more or less negative light.

For instance, if you think this drawing is about you, then maybe you caught feelings…!
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Double Jack & Coke
Drawn at Elbow Room

I’ve only watched the first episode of Mad Men… and maybe part of the second. There’s a scene after work wherein Don Draper is at some lounge smoking, having a drink, and writing down ideas on a napkin. (Maybe that’s in every episode.) He’s working on a campaign for some cigarettes, but can’t quite figure out what direction to take it in…
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