Late Night Ramble

It was aight…

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@vincentboi … #CatchRec…?

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Current Conditions (HQ): Kids are ko…!


I get anxiety whenever a holiday comes up. Today I went to the Rec to catch Vince in the parade and stroll around with Harley at the park. Usually, I’d rather just keep it low and chill at home.

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“Spring Forward” (DST) – not my favorite time of year. I’m a night owl, so I really enjoy the early sunsets. But, now it feels like it’s bright (super bright) all day long. And, when it’s evening, it’s suddenly late (super late). That doesn’t work for me because I like to do my thing when it’s dark. As it is, I’m pretty restless right now…

< Edit: This is my 100th post here on the Reduction…! >
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We recently installed an SSD into my work computer and, with that, an upgraded OS. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. We talked about upgrading to a whole new comp, but what for, really? I don’t have the fastest system in the office. But, it has potential to become the fastest. The memory isn’t maxed out. And, the graphics card can still use an upgrade. With the new installs, my comp is blazing fast, and I’ve spent the past week setting up and tuning my workspace.

Here’s where the problem begins…

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