I went to check out my son’s ROTC comp on Saturday. No idea where to find him and the squad, but he ran up on me when I was walking across the blacktop. I introduced myself to some of his friends I hadn’t met, and they seemed a bit stiff at that time. I try not to hang around when he’s with his friends because of this. I think it’s better to hang back and just let them do their thing. Besides – they’re in high school now. It’s a little different than chaperoning elementary and middle school field trips…

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The Hair Social had their first art show on August 16th. Nintendos in every room. Video games and video game art around the shop… and on peoples’ heads. There was a lot going on. I think I people-watched more than anything. TFTI, guys…! #GameOn

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So, I thought this Karl Strauss was over by Wyndansea. GPS disagreed. It’s in a secluded (sort of) location at the end of a street right alongside the 5 freeway. I had no idea I was near it until I heard Biggie… and “flamingos” (Sneakers, 1992).

Someone asked me if I was living the life.

Not yet, man. But, what’s up with the growlers…?

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rbst_book_sbxIMG_0979 1.JPG – I found this photo tonite during my weekly archive.

I had this view of an empty lot; beyond that an empty parking lot; beyond that a building; beyond that infinity. I used to go out on the balcony and just stare at this view. Bladerunner always came to mind. It’s since become obstructed, since maybe last sumer or fall. I forget.

Now there’s a wall where that view was, brightly lit. I can’t look over it or around it – just at it. I kept telling myself that it’d be a while before that wall came up. Then, boom; there it was; just like that.

I need a NAS…