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"EARTH without ART is just, EH…"

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I try to do something new for each show if it calls for it. For this one, I wanted to show a few collaborative posters from the past year and try to get them signed by the collaborators…


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A lot of our clients send their linked files in RGB. We prefer CMYK, and usually convert them. This pattern comes from a screen capture of multiple *jpg’s open and staggered in Photoshop before running a conversion batch.

I call it *.JPG’s in Succession…

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My friend, Dylan, used to save a box of used ink rags and other things we’d just throw away at the shop. I asked him what for, and he said, “there’s a lot of cool patterns to scan in there.”

That was back in 2003, I think. But, I’ve kept up with his habit since. I found this one today. This pattern comes from a rag used to clean the envelope printer ink heads.

Feel free to use it for whatever project. In exchange, drop a link to your project in the comments.

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