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Current Conditions (HQ):


After a 17.66 GB update, Destiny 2.0 is ready for to go. Here are a few initial screenshots I took while starting up and running around the Tower. I haven’t read the update, so some of this was probably covered there…
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Current Conditions (HQ): Sorting…


It’s been a trying week. A few things fell through. And, I questioned a lot of my motivation. But, I decided (on a whim), yesterday, to drive up to LA to talk to some people about some things for some times coming up. Yes. Relish the vagueness.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and for some reason decided to look through my son’s twitter feed. Then I found this old COD video he posted two years ago. It put a lot of things in perspective. If you have a few minutes, give it a watch. Or, play it in the background as audio.

Don’t ever delete this video, Vince…!
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