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I’ve been watching Persona 4 Golden Animation lately. As far as anime goes, the line work and coloring in that series is my current favorite. It’s really vibrant and everything is so crisp. One of the things I’m trying to work towards is letting the color and cel shading volumize my illustrations without heavy gradients. I originally called this piece, Broken Glass. But, Fractal sounds cooler…
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I had my first solo show on June 28th at the Fresh Yard. Here’s how we laid out the shop…


For this one, I casted all doubt aside, went for broke, took some creative jabs, and tried new things. My main pieces were done in an anime cel style. Unlike real cels, these were digitally rendered, save the initial drawing. I did try to emulate actual animation workflow for these pieces, though. Each piece consists of a 3 frame set that includes the original sketch with notation and shade instruction, the vector outline, and the final digitally colored cel, printed CMYK + White on celluloid transparency.

Printed at Emagine Digital in 5-color (CMYK + White) on 12″ x 18″ uncoated bristol…

Prints1 of each cel are available at the Fresh Yard for a limited time. See below…

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