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If we’ve ever texted, chatted, or emailed, you’ve probably noticed I end with an ellipsis a lot. The premise is that our conversation will continue. On that note, here’s an article on the typing indicator that we’ve grown so used to online…

How do you feel about the typing indicator—“David is typing”—that appears on your buddy’s screen while you’re composing a message in chat? Does it make you feel self-conscious about how long you’re taking to write a message? Do you feel paranoid when your friend appears to be typing for ages but the message you finally receive is only “ha ha”? Do you hate knowing that your “friend” is not typing anything and must be multitasking on something else? (It’s possible they’re thinking about what to say—but only if your friend is Jane Austen or Vladimir Nabokov.) Do you hate it when you are multitasking and your erstwhile best friend keeps sending messages like “Are you still there? What are you doing? Do you still like me? Have I fallen in your heart?”

If so, you have me to blame, because I was one of the people who invented the damn thing. But I can explain everything … ~ David Auerbach

I Built That “So-and-So Is Typing” Feature in Chat And I’m Not Sorry.