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Dear AIGA | Shutterstock :

Thank you for receiving my email the other day. I wanted to follow up…




“Catch Feelings”

Urban Dictionary’s current top definition is about falling for someone at an inappropriate time. Well, it’s Valentines day this Saturday. But, that’s not what this is about. The phrase also applies to thinking something like a comment or conversation applies to (or is about) you in a more or less negative light.

For instance, if you think this drawing is about you, then maybe you caught feelings…!
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Double Jack & Coke
Drawn at Elbow Room

I’ve only watched the first episode of Mad Men… and maybe part of the second. There’s a scene after work wherein Don Draper is at some lounge smoking, having a drink, and writing down ideas on a napkin. (Maybe that’s in every episode.) He’s working on a campaign for some cigarettes, but can’t quite figure out what direction to take it in…
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I went to check out my son’s ROTC comp on Saturday. No idea where to find him and the squad, but he ran up on me when I was walking across the blacktop. I introduced myself to some of his friends I hadn’t met, and they seemed a bit stiff at that time. I try not to hang around when he’s with his friends because of this. I think it’s better to hang back and just let them do their thing. Besides – they’re in high school now. It’s a little different than chaperoning elementary and middle school field trips…

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