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X-Fest 2015 Poster Contest Submission

91X FM is currently holding a poster contest. There were 133 entries submitted by last Friday, May 8’s 11:59 pm deadline. Entrants received an email today about the top 5 being posted. This design didn’t make it. But, it was a fun contest to enter racing against the clock. At any rate, here’s my Behind the Scenes…

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Thank you, State of the Arts, and thank you to everyone who came out to our first HAUSU show together. It was a fun night with a great turnout. And, from what I remember of it \( – -)’, everyone had a good time. Above are two of our main pieces, Commander X (somaramos) and Ahab (RBST). In case you missed it, here are the rest of our single pieces and our combo piece below…

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