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This is the full response I sent to SD City Beat for “On the Cover.”

Madness. Anyone who’s been down to Comic-Con knows it first hand. I want you to feel the crowds, the visual overload, the fantastic claustrophobia that you get when you take a photo down there where everyone strikes a pose and tries to squeeze in…

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Thumbprint Gallery artists collaborated with So Say We All writers. The writers supplemented our pieces with their words. In this video, Justin Hudnall reads his piece, The Light for the Lonely, which he wrote to my piece, The Office…

rbst_x_jasonhudnall_900w x

Artists, assemble…!

Current Conditions (HQ):
 Blank wall space…


Artists! All of you! Harness your creative powers… YEAH…!!!

I just finished a drawing of Jean Grey, and would love your help really finishing it. You’ll find a link below to a hi-res of the inked drawing. It’s missing a lot, mostly color. But it could use some effects, comic bubbles, background, or whatever* YOU can think of… 
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Marvel… at this video…

Current Conditions (HQ): Packing…?


I’m into comics. That’s probably obvious. But, I wouldn’t say I read them all the time. Even growing up, there was a great shop inside Newberry’s called Comics Etc. I spent a lot of time there just looking at all the books and sometimes picking up a few. X-Men was a title I never bought, but looked at a lot. I felt like I couldn’t catch up on the story, so just never picked it up. Anyway, the Marvel universe is huge… humongous.

That’s not important! If you want a crash course on the X-Men, watch this video.

Also… for the price of a comic book you get…
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Messages from the past…

Current Conditions (HQ): Sorting…


It’s been a trying week. A few things fell through. And, I questioned a lot of my motivation. But, I decided (on a whim), yesterday, to drive up to LA to talk to some people about some things for some times coming up. Yes. Relish the vagueness.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and for some reason decided to look through my son’s twitter feed. Then I found this old COD video he posted two years ago. It put a lot of things in perspective. If you have a few minutes, give it a watch. Or, play it in the background as audio.

Don’t ever delete this video, Vince…!
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