This is the final posting at my old blog. While still active, it’s no longer updated. You can find my past work and thoughts there…



This is my final post at

I started blogging here in 2005 without readership, but with full confidence that my words and images would reach some type of audience. A stat fanatic, I fed incoming traffic from all over, a lot of it from places I didn’t expect. Such is the power of the worldwide web.

Over the years, the most important thing that I learned was to blog honestly and without pretense. I don’t know if I did that from the get-go, but I feel I finished off meeting that parameter. I know not what the future holds or what ripples my past work will possibly make. Though, I do feel like I’ve contributed to “teh internets.”

I want to take the entirety of this post to thank you for following my journey here as a blogger and designer; for following my excitements and frustrations with the design world; for leaving comments and inquiries about work; for coming back on your own accord to read past posts and look for new ones.

This is merely the close on one chapter, and the beginning of a new.

Operations will continue, but at a new location. I invite you to find my new blog at

Thanks, in earnest, for everything…



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